Oh, we all are guilty for complaining, gossiping, comparing, being judgmental.  But, we oughta not be!  Instead, we ought to have mercy for others, not condemnation.  It gets tricky when you love someone so dear to you that you see isn’t always making the best choices, and, you strongly disapprove.  Rather than place judgment and compare ourselves to others, we ought to have mercy, compassion, pray for our loved ones, be supportive.  It is not our responsibility, nor do we have the power, to change others.

A lot of times it takes those firsthand experiences that are solid proofs that Papa gives us grace.  How many times has Papa still been their for us even though we mess up?  When we stop and reflect and apologize for our goofs, He is the first to “say”, ‘It’s o.k.  Just learn from this’.  And, when we get back on the “right track”, and, we know it’s the right track because, His light shines, leading us along the way.

So, if Papa is so merciful, then, as His sons/daughters, we owe it to our brothers and sisters to pay the “mercy card” forward, right?

What if we didn’t have the magical frequencies of healing energy open for grabs to get us through our world?  Our day-to-day life?  We wouldn’t have a lot of good coming our way, that’s for sure.

And, isn’t it hard enough just doing you?  We need all of the energy we can get to just try to live a life of “obedience”.  Who has time to talk about others or place judgment?

For me, personally, my way of extending mercy to someone I love is to merely pray, pray and pray some more.  I know it will reach this person.  🙂

Hope your day is gracious,



Luke 18:9 – 14     God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

“Lord, please keep us from falling into the trap of comparing ourselves to others.  Mold us and make us more like You.”

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