You ever feel like it’s just so hard to find your “happy place”?  That life is taking a toll on you?  That in order to be happy would require something BIG to happen in your life?

Good news is, is that our “fruit” is low-hanging, ready for us to “pick”, right at our fingertips.  Here are 12 ways that will get our happy hormones goin’:


Go skydiving, etc.  Do something ballsy, something that has you feeling scared, that gets your palms sweaty and pulse racing.  The feeling when the mission gets accomplished makes it all worth it.


Eat a chili pepper.  Embrace JOMO (joy of missing out), buy coffee for a stranger, go skydiving, exercise.  Our brain is craving variety.  When we try a new dish or make a change in our weekly routine, our bodies are “high-fiving” us with dopamine.  When we create bonds through our random acts of kindness, we are getting the joy flowing, spreading throughout our skies…ahhh :).  When we get our tushes off the couch, our reward of a dopamine flow is apparent and welcomed.  😛


Do something that releases muscle tension…hop, skip, jump…anything that causes us to belly-laugh and jiggle your insides.  Practicing acupuncture will also stimulate and get your endorphins going.  It’s the needles that do it.  Eating something a bit spicy, that has heat (and, ooh, pain) will also get the endorphins flowing.  Stand up straight.  Go to a concert.  The shared energy will be powerful.  When you’re exercising, and, you’re feeling the burn, whoa, yeah, endorphins.

gaba a.k.a. natural Xanax

Spend time in your head – taking ten minutes (or just 1) to meditate can help override anxiety, replacing it with chemicals of calm.  If you choose to try acupuncture, that quiet space will stimulate gaba.


Interacting with a furry friend, venting, doing something nice for someone else, hitting up a concert and exercising will all spring into action this lovely hormone.  There’s something about looking into the eyes of our trusted animal friends that triggers our bonding instinct.  A venting session is a ‘precursor to a positive mind-set’, even if what we’re feeling is negative.  Knowing that someone sees the situation the same way you do, helps to develop a bond, which brings out our oxytocin.  Attending a concert will do the same…creating a bond with thousands…that’s magic.  Exercising with a friend is also another way to develop a bond with another.  Therefore, oxytocin, naturally.

Last, but, not least –


Feeling confident about yourself will unleash this neurotransmitter.  Venting, embracing, taking time to do something different, something that brings on joy, standing taller, doing a random act of kindness, hitting a concert, going skydiving and exercising are all ways to get this hormone goin’.

Do your hormones need a little spike?

Love you,





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