Because we’re human, and, we’re going to continue to sin, it is a constant struggle to strive and live they way He wants us to live.  But, I can honestly say, that over the last twelve years, my relationship with Papa has grown, and, thankfully, so.

For me, I started going to church regularly at the age of eight.  Fortunately, I feel that this helped me to build my foundation.  Even though I didn’t always make the best choices growing up, and, wish I could take back some of the things I experienced, I felt His presence deep down in my soul.  He was always there…beside me through some really tough times ~

We all have different stories to tell, but, one thing is for certain, that we all have in common: a need for His instruction.

Some of us need to repair their foundation, while others need to get building from the ground up.  Or, perhaps, you’re coasting with just some maintenance needed along the way.

Thankfully, I’ve been able to say that I’m maintaining.  My “home” was built on kind of a wobbly foundation, even though I was a regular churchgoer.  I sinned, but, still loved God.  I think Papa was more disappointed in my former years…young, silly…

It’s when the communication between Papa and ourselves is when the magic happens. When we’re listening, and, not just ‘close enough’, is when we start to reap some pretty tremendous rewards.

That ‘solid foundation’ is what will get us through those times when we just want to scream, bawl, get over dramatic…does your ‘foundation’ consist of…

  • turning to Him to get you through those tricky times
  • keeping your Faith so you can keep your sanity 😛
  • asking for forgiveness when you mess up and staying humble
  • knowing that He loves you, no matter what


Love you, oodles,



I apologize for not getting this post out until now…12a.m. THE NEXT DAY.  But, I am visiting besties and much needed to catch up.  Another Daily Bread later this morning, Saturday.

Luke 6:46 – 49     “Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say?”

“Help me, Lord, to obey you fully and with my whole heart.  Thank you for being my firm foundation.”

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