Could we all agree that we resemble our friends?  Our true friends?  Let’s take a moment and think about all of the qualities that you love about your friends…the ones you can truly count on through thick and thin, richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health :P. Would you describe them as healing, loving, honest?…to name just a few…

Well, just like our friends, we have Papa to count on when we experience betrayal, pain, sorrow.  Some times are harder than others to pull through.  They make us feel like we’re all alone, like nobody understands us, like we can’t trust anyone?  But, that’s just us getting caught up in the moment and not being at peace with what has already happened and, that it’s time to move forward through reflection and faith, and, only get a grip on what can be controlled.  Otherwise, it’s useless to waste our energy on everything that is out of our control or, simply put, unproductive, a.k.a. complaining, griping, being dramatic…

I’m no Angel, believe you me.  There are so many times my husband has said, and, says, “O.k.  You’re just letting yourself go in a downward spiral.”  So, that’s when I apply a strategy that is helpful when the anxiety flares…lying down for a few minutes, breathing…

What about when life brings on much greater turmoil, sadness?  You know, the personal incidences that touch your soul, making you feel completely drained because a plethora of emotions are running rampant through your body?  And, they linger…and, linger, and, linger.

We’re all witnesses and participants in this ying yang world in which we live.  We have our highs.  We have our lows.  But, one thing that remains consistent no matter where we are on our roller coaster, He is there, loving us genuinely.  Let’s love genuinely back.  It’s as simple as that.

So, let’s get to it, buster browns!

and, love one another…




Enjoy this song, please.

Be Happy



‘Resting in His unfailing love, may we find healing, community, and the courage to love others as He did.’

John 13:33 – 35     Many proclaim themselves loyal, but who can find one worthy of trust?


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