Recently, I watched a documentary called The Minimalist.  It left me thinking about what it would be like to walk in their footsteps…to rid yourself of all the extra stuff.

These two grown men met in college, became friends, and, then both went off living their lives, separately, but, both as successful six or seven-figure-making professionals, living “the American dream”.

But, their souls really weren’t satisfied.  The buying of designer ware, clothing, furniture, etc. was not doing the trick.  So, they made changes to their lives.  BIG changes.

They quit their jobs, wrote a book, traveled the United States and produced a documentary to promote their vision

watch the trailor

Don’t you think that being at peace with what we have, rather than constantly wanting more, would bring on ‘a sense of well-being even in the middle of hardship’?  I would think so.  And, I’m just referring to material items, items that really don’t bring fulfillment to our souls, just that immediate satisfaction of making a purchase, any kind of purchase…

Where does this leave us?  A house full of stuff.

Take a moment and think about a time that you cleaned something really well, and, put away everything, so, the space was completely bare, or almost bare.  How did it make you feel when you looked at this space?  Did you feel calm?  At peace?  Happy?

These are all feelings that we want, right?  This is what is means to be at rest.  And, when we are, we will ‘find the awareness of a confidence far deeper than our ever-changing feelings’.  Now, this is what life is all about!  We don’t need all of the “extras” when beauty and satisfaction surrounds us.  We just need to open our eyes!

Here’s to being at rest!



John 14:25 – 31     Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.

“Heavenly Father, You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are fixed on You.  Help us to trust in You forever, for You are our Rock eternal.”

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