Did you know that if we took fifteen minutes to grow spiritually every day, we would be blessing our lives with ninety-one hours a year of quality time spent with Yours Truly?  In Our Daily Bread, it says to take fifteen minutes to read the Bible.  This is a great goal, and/or practice for us.  I know, for me, however, my quality time spent with Papa would take place during those fifteen minutes when I’m awaking…You know, during those fifteen minutes when you’re lying in bed, after being sound asleep…You’re not quite ready for “lift off”…so, you wiggle, enjoy the way the sheets feel on your skin, tune in to the hymns of the tweeties, ‘soak up the sun’…those minutes are special

These minutes can be spent talking to Papa.  This is a practice that I’d like to implement ( during this time, specifically)…”I, Lisa Ann, pledge to speak out loud to Papa when I awake in the morning.  This is my time.  My alone time.  My time to be one with Him.  I will take advantage and show my gratitude during these blessed minutes.”

Just like with our relationships with our “human beings” that are part of our every day life, our relationship with Papa requires attention to thrive, to remain healthy, to remain strong.  And, hello, just like with any interaction with any living being, if our behaviors warrant a blessing, then, blessings will continue to come our way, bottom line.

Don’t you think this is doable?  And, for those of you that read the Bible or any other “Positive Book”, if you will, AWESOME.  Maybe one day I’ll be like you.  ;P

So.  Let’s not be silly.  Let’s take advantage of our time here…the energy that can fill our hearts and souls…when we just spend some time…fifteen minutes.  That’s it!

I love you oodles,




Psalm 119:33 – 40     Turn my heart toward your statutes.

“I turn to You, the Author, to teach me as I read Your Word today.  I want to hear from you, to know You, and to grow closer to You.”

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