It’s when we stop and think about those times in our lives that have lead to joy…this action of mine, upon this action, upon that action, brought upon this reward and this reward and that reward.  The fact that we, essentially, have control over our lives is pretty special.  That all it takes to receive these fortunes is to “dance” with the energies that surround us.  Instead of trying to go against nature, let’s be one with it.

It’s apparent that Papa wants to be our protector.  That He wants to have a relationship with us.  Because, why would He bless us with things such as:

  • air to breathe
  • unexpected surprises that leave us feeling happy
  • job opportunities
  • little daily signs that give us affirmation that He’s with us every step of the way

We get busy, though, don’t we, and, we don’t always hear or pay attention to Him.  We get caught up in our lives.  We don’t always listen to or notice that God is trying us to steer in another direction.  So…we end up feeling disappointed, upset, discouraged, hopeless, etc.

These times warrant reflection.  These saddening incidences require some sort of change to get through.

Genesis 3:1 – 10     This is how God showed his love…He sent his one and only Son (light) into the world.

Thank goodness for His help, guidance, support, love.  Without Him, we’d all be complete messes, if you ask me.  It’s just that life is so much richer, fuller when we “dance” with nature, rather than oppose it.

What type of “dances” would you like to do today?  I think I’ll do a little bit of this…

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;P.  I know.  Silly.


“Heavenly Father, thank You for loving me and pursuing a relationship with me.  Help me to be a joy to You by drawing near to You.”

Hope your day is great,


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