How many times have we beaten ourselves up for making silly mistakes or poor choices? Yes.  A bunch!  But, thankfully, we have grace and forgiveness bestowed upon us, so, again, we ought to not spend our energy on situations that are out of our control.

Besides, Papa forgives.

Take a moment, right now, and, think about a time that you remember fondly that had you feeling scared or nervous to share the information that you wish could have remained a secret, yet, you knew what had to be done…

So, the time came, and, you said out loud your mistake…Hopefully, you got a supportive response since you were open and honest.  Either way, because we admitted our mistake(s) and asked for forgiveness, we were then able to walk freely (without a guilty conscience).

Gosh.  I can recall so many mistakes that I have made.  As we all can.  It’s whenever I have taken full accountability for my actions do I then feel free, opening doors (opportunities) for more goodness to fill my world.

The goodness comes even when our mistakes are really big.  You know, the ones that have affected not just yourself but, the ones that you love the most.

There was something that happened in my life a little over a year ago that had me feeling so disappointed in myself.  But, instead of going down a spiral slope, I kept my head on straight, and, I looked at what had happened as a huge lesson that was long overdue to be learned.  I humbled myself.  Asked for forgiveness.  And, only focused on doing what was in my control…working hard, keeping my eyes on the light, even if it was just a speck (for awhile), being nice.  My prayers never stopped getting answered.

God really loves us.  All of us.  “Thank you!”

Have a wonderful day,



My sincere apologies…I really wanted Our Daily Bread to get out yesterday.  I ended up falling asleep early, in our hotel.  Our next stop is Indiana.  I should have more time to write.  Love you.  Always will.  Bare with me!  😛


Hebrews 8:6 – 13     I will remember their sins no more.

“Dear Lord, thank You for Your grace and Your offer of salvation and forgiveness through Christ.  Thank You for this free gift that is not based on anything I can do.”

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  1. Amen! We can and do ask for forgiveness and we get it. Forgiving ourselves is very necessary also…and harder to do…

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