Raise your hand if you sing in the shower! (hand is up)  Raise your hand if you sing in your car!  (hand is up).  How do these times make you feel?  Does euphoric come to mind?  Should we bump up the “singing notch” a level or two since it does bring about such joy?

‘Some studies show that when we sing, our bodies release hormones that relieve anxiety and stress.  Other research indicates that when a group of people sings together, their heartbeats actually synchronize with each other.’  Now, this is cool.  A motivator for singing even more!  (perhaps, go to a concert, Church)

I’m a goof ball by nature.  The other day, while sitting at the dinner table with friends, a goof ball idea popped into my head: “Let’s sing everything!  When you have to say something, sing it, rather than speak it.”  So, we did for a few minutes, and, I’ll tell you what, there wasn’t a person at the table that wasn’t laughing, at some point or another. Some, the majority of the time.  Maybe you wanna try it, especially, if you have young ones with you, whom really appreciate the goofiness!  😛

Papa ‘encourages us to praise Him for good reasons.’  ‘Praising God has power to change our thoughts, our hearts, and our lives.’  Singing is another way to let our voices be heard by the universe with positive words.  These joyful words open up the doors for light to enter our lives…to keep our minds on what is in our control and, to take on only what we can handle at each moment in time.  Our hearts and lives will become richer, filled with love, joy and successes.

So, let’s sing, sing away.  Sing to our hearts content!  When you need an inspiring song to sing, you can always click on “Melodies of Joy” under Menu.

Happy singing and love you lots,



2 Chronicles 20:14 – 22     Sing praises to God, sing praises; sing praises to our King, sing praises.

“God, we praise Your everlasting love and faithfulness!  You protect and guide us, and we trust You with our lives.”

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