I’m sure we’ve mostly all had those knocks on our door, and, when it opens, we greet someone whom would like to Get Us to Believe and offers free literature.  Yes.  See…that is certainly one way to try to educate about Jesus and, that He’s coming.  And…very soon…and, we’ll live an eternal life…and, our eternal life starts now…because He’s coming very soon…

Sound familiar?  I applaud these folks.  They go out of there way, “taking chances”, and, for what?  To try and really help those that just really may need that specific education…the Golden education, in my opinion.

But, I’m not going to be one that goes from house to house trying to spread the Good Word.  And, that’s o.k.  Because, spreading the Good Word can easily be done through conversation and witnessing others’ successes, and, then, make the connection between the two.

For instance, if you’re having small talk, you know, the kind of conversations that go from one topic to another and you really enjoy all of the topics discussed, and, you hear such beautiful stories about people and their lives…including those you’re talking to…

And, you know what, they all share something in common, they all choose to be kind, loyal, hospitable, loving, unselfish.  So…having great character is linked to rewards, accomplishments, successes in all areas of our lives?

So, now, let’s imagine having similar conversations but, throw in some people, or, a person, that is a grouch, a “negative Nancy”, dark.  This person may not ever contribute to the conversation, but, they’re present, and, they just may very well be listening, and, too, making connections.

It could be that during these conversations that he/she chooses to link these connections to believing in something magical (positive energy a.k.a. karma that we want/God/Jesus/Papa).

The same goes for people we don’t know, those that we never get a chance to talk to, but, get the chance to witness.  When we compare those that are healthy, beautiful and kind, whom are all reaping the rewards because of their giving, loving nature to those that are full of hate and greed, well, again, and, take a look at their lives and, how they’ve turned out (thus far, hopefully).  What kind of life do we want to live?  Our one life.

So, here’s to sharing our blessings and hoping for the best,



I have been brainstorming a lot and, am so excited to share this information with you!  I am almost able to start establishing a more regular routine, now, that we’ll be settled for a while.  Thank you for your patience.

The biggest work a Christian can do is to find his friend and introduce him to Jesus Christ.

Acts 8:26 – 40


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