Let’s take a moment and think about some really special moments in our lives.

How did they make you feel?

These special moments happened because you were beautiful towards someone or something else.  These special moments are the Universe’s way of saying ‘thank you for giving’.

Yes.  We ‘listened’ to Papa, and, may have didn’t notice that we were, but, because we did, we reaped the rewards.  Our egos sometimes get in the way, though, don’t they?  They brag and boast and, hinder what could have possibly been.  Karma, and, the not-so-good-kind, will seep in, leaving us feeling disappointed, saddened, etc., later on.

Point that I’m trying to make is to let’s accept and welcome Your Someone Else.  Let’s accept the fact that we can’t reach our fullest potential without the help of Someone Else, period.

When we humble ourselves, we’re acknowledging the need for Him.  And, He loves that! And, we can talk to Him anywhere, especially out loud!  There are no rules as to the posture in which we have, if our hands are up or not, if we’re kneeling or standing.  It’s just a matter of keeping those lines of communication open, humbling ourselves and showing our appreciation through our actions and words.

‘Everything we do “flows from [our heart]”.  When we pray, may our hearts always be bowed in adoration, gratitude, and humility to our loving God (however you seen Him), for we know that His eyes are “open and [His] ears attentive to the prayers” of His people.

‘It is not the posture of our body, but of our heart that is important.’




2 Chronicles 6:7 – 9, 12 – 15     [Solomon] knelt in front of the entire community of Israel and lifted his hands toward heaven [and] he prayed.

“Lord, direct my focus always toward You and teach me to follow You in obedience and love.”

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