If you get stressed, and, you know it, clap your hands?  If you get stressed and, you know it, clap your hands?  If you get stressed and, you know it, and, you really want to control it, and, if you want to get happy, clap your hands?!

That’s me, jellybean!  And, one way to do this is to look around and embrace all of the beauty that surrounds us, and, maybe, apply good breathing strategies, simultaneously….hmmm…

One image that is talked about in Our Daily Bread is the beauty of clouds.  We’ve all been there.  At one point in our lives, or many points in our lives, we have looked up at the clouds and/or enjoyed their majestic beauty or “played” “What Do You See in the Clouds?”  😛  When we did, and, when we do, don’t we always smile?  Doesn’t it “awaken” our ‘Happy Hormones’?  So, duh!  Let’s stare at these beauties, maybe, more often?

Were you clapping at the start of this?  Yes.  I was.  That’s life.  We get stressed.  Just like the wild animals we see in those Disney Nature movies, or, any wild animal documentary, for that matter.  ;/  It’s during these times, that, we just need to simplify things…

Animals in the wild make sure their basic needs are met…food, water and shelter.  Once those are met, they spend their time playing, laughing, getting feisty, at times, too, but, not for long.  We live in a big world, and, if there is someone or something that is trying to get you “worked up”, to heck with them.  It is at that these times that we need to take action…big or small.

Small strategies are practiced most often…

  • walking into another space to breathe
  • soaking up all The Love nature has to bring
  • talk to Papa, and, communicate our appreciation

Here’s to applying healthy healing strategies!



Job 37:1 – 16     Do you know how the clouds hang poised?

“We are amazed at You, wonderful Creator, as we look at Your world.  You deserve all the praise our hearts can give and so much more!”

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