Ah.  We live in a beautiful world of grace.  And!  The invitation to ride along and, “surf the waves”, is always open, no matter if we “fall off the board” a hundred times!  Question is, will we accept the invitation and, keep on getting “back on” when we tumble and fall?

The choice is ours, isn’t it?

You know if you have a good relationship with Papa (and, not practicing religion) if you’re feeling invigorated, strength-restored, and energized!  If you’re feeling the opposite – exhausted, drained, weary, then, maybe, we need to reflect and start talking with Him.  We were not put here on this beautiful planet to work for Papa.  We are here to walk with Him.

So, when are the times that we feel invigorated, or, that we could feel invigorated?

These come to mind…

  • intimacy with your partner
  • body surfing waves  😛
  • breathing in fresh air

Our strength can be restored through…

  • prayer
  • rest
  • self-care

leaving us feeling energized!  (just what we want, right?!)

Papa wants us to walk with Him and work with Him and, ‘learn the unforced rhythms of grace‘.

Now, think about all of those times, speaking of religion now, that we were forced to go to church.  Forced to believe a certain way or behave a certain way.  When, really, that’s the last thing Papa wants for us.  It’s too much work.  Too many rules.

Our lives need to be fluid, flowing back and forth and all around, upside down, doing somersaults, enjoying the ride, taking the highs with lows and the lows with highs.  But, they do work together.

When there is a low time going on in our lives, there’s always that high coming right around the corner.

Picture our lives as one big rollercoaster.  This may help.  Let’s just keep the faith and, hold on!

Okay, Misses and Mr.’s?!

Here’s to a fabulous Friday!



Matthew 11:25 – 30     Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

“Lord Jesus, I come to You today to exchange my frenzied work for Your pathway of grace.”

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