Ahhh, the power of water.  After reading the article in Good Housekeeping, written by Lisa Mulcahy, I learned some new things about the importance of drinking H2O.  I’m hoping that we can come together and commit to increasing our daily water intake. Whaddya say?!

Reason number…

  1. Water boosts our mood.  When researchers asked study participants to increase their daily intake from 5 cups to 10 cups per day, they reported feeling calmer and more satisfied with their life after about 5 days.  🙂

2. We may heal faster.  If we get a cut, treat the wound and, then sip 16 ounces of                   water.  Drinking water ‘improves microvascular circulation in our skin – important           for healing – in just 30 minutes.’

3. It can lower our odds of a stroke.  A study conducted at Johns Hopkins Hospital                   showed that 44% of people whom suffered a stroke were found to be dehydrated.               Being dehydrated can cause our blood to thicken, making it harder for our blood               to pass through our blood vessels.  Recovery was better for these stroke patients                 when they were hydrated.

4. We won’t ruin our workout.  According to the American College of Sports Medicine,            having water before, during and after our workout can prevent problems such as              heat stroke and painful muscle cramps.

5. It can quiet a headache.  The next time our forehead starts pounding, let’s drink                 anywhere from 1 to 6 cups of water.  We could be pain-free in as little as half and               hour!

6. We’ll drive better.  When we drive dehydrated, we are more likely to make more                 mistakes behind the wheel.  It’s a good idea to sip 16 ounces of water before take-off           and have another 7 ounces every hour we’re on the road.

7. It increases our brainpower.  ‘Even mild dehydration can suppress blood vessels in           our brain.’  ‘This will result in short-term memory problems, poor attention and                 slow reaction times.’

Learn something new?  Hope so!  🙂

Happy agua drinking,



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