What are your driving forces that push you to achieve your goals?  Perhaps, we want fame.  Fortune.  Freedom.  Balance.  Or, to learn a new skill/language, check things off our to-do list :P, whatever.  Whatever our goals, what is our motivation, our drive for going after what we want?

Sometimes I think that what drives us isn’t always influenced by The Big Guy.  Instead, we get so fixated on what we want, no matter what, and, unfortunately, ignore the signs that come before us, that clearly showed us that we needed to change directions to ensure a happy ending.

But, when we do things for our own self-glory, to “make a name” for ourselves, we fall short with what we originally had hoped.  It’s true.  Take a minute to think if you know of anyone that went after something.  Was determined.  Stayed persistent.  But, meanwhile, the people that love and care so deeply for them, saw that it wasn’t a good choice, and, to maybe try something a wee bit different.  🙂

Someone very dear to me once said that when we’re undecided about something, and, the people whom we go to to talk with, people we trust, all share the same feelings about the situation, communicating the best option for us, then, that is probably what we would want to go with, as well.  And, vice versa.  Does that make sense?

And, two, “God answers prayers, but, we don’t always get the answers we want.”


But, really.  It’s allll good, because I’d rather know prior than getting knee deep in mud and, then, making it really hard to “get out”. Our hearts have to be ‘fully committed‘ to Him, though.  Period.  Because if our hearts are in the right place, then, we’ll have on our Listening Ears, we’ll pay attention to Him and make adjustments when necessary.

Is your heart in or, is it out?  That is the question.

When we’re obedient, we have peace and love.  Oh, yeah, baby,


1 Kings 8:54 – 63     May he turn our hearts to him to walk in obedience to him.

“Father, give me the desire to obey You and do everything for Your glory.”

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