This resonates very much with me, as I’m sure a lot of you can say the same!  This is just the way it goes when you’re parenting animals or, children, young or old, and, while it sometimes is inconvenient, we do have to keep it all in perspective and, embrace the moment because that’s where we’re supposed to be and doing what we’re supposed to be doing.

We are essentially here to serve, and to help when needed, with, a smiling heart .(we may be frustrated, at first, but, then, we need to just do ‘the Frozen, and, let it go’)  What we had hoped to have been able to do will come at a later time, doesn’t it always?  Can you recall a time when your plans had to change because something “popped up” and your assistance was needed?

If you are a parent or a son/daughter to an elderly parent, you know what I’m talking about.  We serve all of the time!  And, while we might get flustered that we have to change “plans”, doesn’t serving feel good?  Doesn’t it fill your soul?  Because you know you did the right thing and lifted someone’s spirit?  🙂

How cool would it be to bump our serving level up a notch or two?  Perhaps we can volunteer for a community organization of some sort.  An organization that feels right for you, and, if applicable, your family.  My family, in particular, would have to start small…take baby steps…figure out how to incorporate it as part of our regular schedule…something to think about, something to think about…

How did you serve today?


  • cut a piece of bubble gum in half for my children 😛
  • tried out my new quesadilla maker 🙂
  • lifted up my son so he could see the rice cooking 🙂

(serving doesn’t always have to big things.  🙂



John 13:3 – 17     [Jesus] poured water into a basin and began to wash his disciples’ feet.

“Dear Lord, help me serve others.  Guide me to set aside my personal interests and desires to provide help to those who need it.”

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