“How do you like living in Michigan?”

“Aw.  It’s YUMMY!”

That was a first!  To be said just like that.  And, wow, did that make me smile!  Granted, she does get to go south during the months of January and February, but, that would be fine if you couldn’t, right?

It’s all about how we look at things.  What is our perspective?  Is it one that looks on the bright side of things?  Sometimes, despite?

For example, Michigan in the winter…specifically during the months of January and February…one could look outside and see the magic that is amongst us…there’s so much. And, then to sit back in a comfortable chair snuggling up with a good book or enjoying something fulfilling on the tube, etc., etc….isn’t all of this beautiful?  And, then there’s always tons of baking and cooking, sports, …the list goes on and on.

But, sometimes we don’t focus on the beautiful things winter brings in a cold geographical location.  And, that’s saddening because

‘we are blessed and inspired by His beautiful handiwork’ (no matter what the climate)

And, here I am now…summer in Michigan…wow!  It’s beautiful this time of the year, as well! It is yummy!  😛  We’re able to go outside, sweat only if we want to, breathe in that fresh lake air.  Papa sure got it right (and, not just here).  Then, when you look around as you’re bike riding through the neatly landscaped residential town streets, with the overhanging trees and sidewalks galore, just keeps your heart smiling…pedal by pedal, yard by yard.

People say hello, smile.  Are helpful…

There’s definitely a true sense of community here.  Good job town!  Love you.



I dare you to go out on a nature walk, wherever, and find things that are of every color of the rainbow and figure out a way to turn these items into an art piece.  I’ll do the same.  I can’t tell you when I’ll have all of the colors, but, I can tell you that I will continuously stay looking until I found “the ROYGBIV”, baby.  Have fun crafting!


I will post mine when complete.

Genesis 1:24 – 31     Then God looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was very good!

“Dear Creator God, thank You for creating the world in all its beauty for our enjoyment – and Yours.  Thank You too for making us in Your image so that we would be inspired to create.”

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