Thank you Our Daily Bread for sharing this wonderful way to pray.  It’s always kind of a struggle for me to pray out loud in front of others.  So, now that I have this knowledge on a way to pray, it should make praying with others and alone that much stronger, more powerful.  Yes!

So, here it is…

  • When we fold our hands, the thumb is nearest to us.  So begin by praying for those closest to us – our loved ones.
  • The index finger is the pointer.  Pray for those who teach.
  • The next finger is the tallest.  It reminds us to pray for those in authority over us – national and local leaders, and our supervisor at work.
  • The fourth finger is usually the weakest.  Pray for those who are in trouble or who are suffering.
  • Then comes our little finger.  It reminds us of our smallness in relation to God’s greatness.  Ask Him to supply our needs.

‘It’s not the words we pray that matter; it’s the condition of our heart.’

So, in other words, we don’t have to beat ourselves up and worry if we are sounding silly 😛 when we are praying out loud alone or in a group setting.  What matters is if our words are sincere, heartfelt.  Having this way of praying will enable us to reach out to more people, send out more positive energy.  This energy is what heals.  You know, those so-called “miracles”.  These “miracles” are happening because we’re getting out of our own heads and thinking about others, wishing the best for them, only speaking the words that will ensure what we want for our people NOT what we don’t.

Does this make sense?

You wanna try this method today, when you have some time alone?  Or, at the dinner table?  😉

Love you,





James 5:13 – 18     Pray for each other.

“Father, give me the wisdom to know how to pray for others.”


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