We are definitely works in progress!  We are not anything like Michelangelo’s piece, in the sense that we are NOT forever enslaved and unfinished.  Nope!  Rather, we are more like the clay that doesn’t dry.  We stay moldable.

And, thank Heavens for that!

To think about all of the changes we have made over the years, all of our sins…we’d be a complete mess if we “hardened” and couldn’t budge, left unfinished, now, wouldn’t we? But, we’re not stone.  We do stay bendy.  ;P

There wouldn’t be a purpose for Papa in our lives if we were unmoldable.  Just like with our children and loved ones, we love them unconditionally, and, look at those “crazy” moments as opportunities to “shape” them, make them more beautiful “pieces of art”. And, this is the attitude He has towards us, his children.

We are definitely not slaves to our sins.

‘We won’t be complete until heaven, but in the meantime as we welcome the transforming work of the Holy Spirit, He changes us.  God promises to finish the good work He has begun in us’.

Some ways we can welcome His good work:

  • apologize
  • forgive
  • listen to music and sing and dance
  • pay attention to your gut and listen it (even if it means making a little extra effort to do what He says…to reap the rewards)
  • stay humble
  • stay appreciative of the big and small stuff…say “thank you”.
  • pray
  • stay loyal to Papa, despite…

Let Him mold us, baby!

Loving you,


Romans 7:14 – 25     Who will rescue me from this body that is subject to death?  Thanks be go God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord!

“God, thank You that You make us new creatures through the work of Your Son Jesus Christ, freeing us from our slavery to sin.”

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