We all come from different backgrounds.  Yes.  We all have different stories to tell and memories made.  Yes.  But, one thing is for certain.  We are all human, meaning, we are not perfect in the least!  Meaning, we are all a bunch of goof balls, some more than others ;P, making silly mistakes, sinning, having Papa frown upon us…But, you know, that’s life and, He understands.

It’s weird, though.  My core, my soul has always been with Him.  I have known right from wrong for a really long time ;), with support from growing up going to church regularly…yet I still didn’t always make the best choices…I knew what my consequences could be (were), yet, I still chose to sin.  Why?

I’m sure I’m not alone.

Or, maybe it’s something like, we think that what we’re choosing to do, or the path to take is the “right” way to go, but, really, God is showing us in more ways than one that different steps have to be taken in order to reach our true destiny.  A different path is needed to be taken.  So, then, again, we stumble, we fall, we cry, we don’t always make the best choices…

I don’t know, but, I would like to think and believe that we all get to a point in our lives where we only have to juggle one thing.  And, that is our own selves…how much fruit do we really want to bear?  If we’re on the right path, then, we go from juggling two aspects of our lives: ourselves…from within, and battling the idea that we’re on the “wrong road”.

Am I making any sense?  Point is, Papa is there for us through the thick of it…when we’re juggling two+ things, when we’re stumbling…His prayers for us just get stronger and stronger because He really wants us to flourish!  Really bad!

It’s all in His timing, right?

Friendly reminders:

  • Humility is an asset.  Remember that!  In other words, ask for forgiveness and move forward!
  • use the ‘five-finger’ prayer method (see previous blog post)
  • sing and dance a lot
  • pay attention to signs and, say, “thank you” (there are no coincidences)

Hope this reaches you well,



I’ve missed you, and, would have gotten on last night, but, after three nights of camping, I was whooped!  xxoo  🙂


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