I’m sure you’ve heard of the expression “No pain, no gain!”.  Stop and think for a moment, what were some of your experiences that caused a need for you to push a little harder to have your mission accomplished?  Was “going the extra mile” worth it, even though you may have felt like you were going to s**t your pants along the way?  ;P

‘Some shortcuts are fine-even practical.  Others short-circuit our spirit and deaden our lives.  We want “greatness” without the risks and failures necessary in the adventure of real life.  We desire to please God, but not when it inconveniences us.’

Sometimes Papa tells us to do things that we feel hesitant to do because, yes, they just may inconvenience us.  But, He’s the one that’s talking to us.  So, take that in for a moment…We all know that the energy we receive from the universe is extremely powerful and causes us to essentially get what we want (hopefully everything light). And, sometimes that energy is hard to swallow and digest, causing us to remain stagnant. Why?

Because it’s hard, that’s why!  But, this is foolishness, don’t you think?  As much as we want to walk in faith and stay obedient to reap the rewards tenfold, when the “effort-level” needs to “turned up a notch”, then, we don’t always “wear the courage hat”, and, we don’t always DO IT?!  These times that require more effort to reach our goals, using the roller coaster analogy, would be at the point of our “ride” that we begin heading downhill, going fast, laughing, feeling scared, excited, a flushing of energy, if you will.  😉

The reward of following Papa is ‘a full, joyful life now and forever’.  This goes for the easy ways to demonstrate your love and commitment, along with the ones that just may seem inconvenient…the rewards are bountiful.  We just need to follow our hearts and stay focused.

Here’s to reaching our goals, small and BIG!



Luke 9:57 – 62     Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.

“Father, I will find the strength to do the work You have for me to do, only as I rely on Your Holy Spirit.  Help me, please, to be sensitive to that today.”

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