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You ever say or do something, not meaning to hurt anyone, but, something that was coming from the heart needed to be spoken upon?  And, sometimes, what we think is the case turns out to be something completely different from what we conjured up in our minds…because we thought it would fill a void in our heart?  But, in reality, Papa had something else in mind, hence, a different lesson to learn…

For my situation, I think Papa wanted me and others to pay closer attention to our spouse, communicate and just, be nice to one another.

An equal partnership really ought to be founded upon friendship, true friendship.  I think about how it is I treat my bestie girl and boy friends, and, I wouldn’t dare say some of things I have said to my spouse or use such a negative tone (typically, anyway ;)).

But, we get lacks.  We get too comfortable.  There are all the pressures of “juggling four plus “balls”…parenting, work, sleep, exercise…

It gets tricky.  There’s no doubt about it.  Maybe.  Just maybe!  We can MAKE IT A PRIORITY and allot 15 minutes every day to lay horizontally or in a yoga position and try to meditate, relax, refuel…

Whaddya say?  There sure is a lot in which to be thankful.  Let’s be sure to nurture our relationships with those that are worth it.

They’re worth it,


‘taking the time to thank God for the things you are able and free to do as His servant.”

Romans 6:15 – 23     The law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death.

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