We all want good to enter into our lives, right?  But, sometimes, because of our silliness, we keep the love from entering into our world, our life.  Why?  Well, for one, we sin.  We always will, but, as we all know, Papa is forgiving.  So, even though we mess up, Papa is ‘unwavering’ to offer us His love.  It’s just up to us whether or not we’ll reach out and “take His hand” and reap the rewards that come when we are good to one another and show our love.

Life gets crazy sometimes, though…we get stressed, we get anxious, irritated, yada, yada, yada, and, the love that we do have for our friends, our own children, strangers isn’t always shown.  We gripe, we argue, we yell…all of these keep the love from entering into our lives.

These feelings and emotions will continue throughout our lives, but, maybe, just maybe, if we all make it a point to take a step back from these situations that cause us to get all worked up and think about how Papa is always there to “make the first move”, to be forgiving and, love us unconditionally, we’ll be more inclined to chill out, breathe, and, smile…be forgiving, be loving, be kind, regardless if the other people involved are being little stinkers.

Papa will smile down upon us because we were the “bigger person” and did the right thing.  And, in the long run, hopefully, our love that we bring to the table will make a positive impact on those that are in our world…everyone, really…we’re all brothers and sisters, right?!  😉

His “go-first” love compels us to love one another in response to , and as a reflection of, that love.”

1 John 4:7 – 21     We love because he first loved us.

“Thank You, Lord, for loving me in spite of my sin.  Help me to “go first” in loving others.”

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