Don’t most of us, us working folks, get so caught up in the day-to-day routines, immersing ourselves in our work, our responsibilities, that, before we know it, it’s time to go to bed? And, then, repeat!  It’s sometimes not until the weekend, that we take the time to rest. Sunday has always been the day that we think “it’s o.k” to do nothing, or, break free from “the hamster wheel”…maybe, we think of playing games, or gardening, or sharing a meal with friends and family, or, even taking an afternoon nap…

But, do we really have to wait until Sunday?  Even Saturday?  I’m sure for us working folks our time really is limited for rest, to do what really brings us joy…but, I wonder if we all put on our “thinking caps”, got creative in our planning, our scheduling of our work days, if we could allot some time, even if it’s fifteen minutes, to chill out!

It was on our vacation that we got to gaze at waterfalls, listen to nature’s music and, drift…drift away from all worry, responsibility and, breathe…breathe in God’s beauty that surrounds all of us…what therapy that is for the soul!  And, we can all do that daily and, not even have to leave our driveway!

In fact, I challenge us to lay out a blanket (weather permitting :P) in our front yard, daily, and lie there for at least fifteen minutes.  Let’s let our worries be carried away and absorb the joy that comes from what doesn’t cost us a penny.  Then, “get back on the hamster wheel” ;P, if need be…do you think we’ll be stronger?  Happier?  More willing to go “the extra mile”?

Whaddya say?  Here’s to resting…EVERYDAY!  And, not just when it’s time to go to bed!  😉

Love you, lots,



Hope your day is great!  xoxo

Exodus 23:10 – 13     Six days do your work, but on the seventh day do not work.

“Lord God, in You we find our rest.  Thank You that You’ve created us both to work and to rest.  Please help us to find the right rhythm for our lives.”

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