If I asked each of you what you value, you’d probably be able to tell me.  You know, those things in your life that mean so much to you that you take extra special care, that we protect and cherish…  Some values I would imagine we have in common are:

  • family
  • spirituality
  • your home
  • education
  • friends
  • career

What did I miss?

And, while these mean the world to us, temptation still lingers around the corner, peeking out, looking for the right moment to make its move, hoping to “take a dip in our bucket” and pull us astray from the love and protection we have for our values.  Gosh!

Life sure gets tricky when temptation “makes its move”.  It looks so appealing, sometimes.  It’s the rebel inside us, the thrill, the rush that gets us so excited that we get so caught up “in the moment”, that we get clouded and act before thinking of the consequences.  Or, perhaps, we think about the consequences, yet, we think that “oh, no one will notice”, or, “I’ll get away with that!”

But, we don’t.  Karma is real.  Either we experience the consequence(s) immediately, or, later on down the road.

Boy, oh boy, I’ve had my share of rebellious moments.  And, I’m sure you have too.  Some we wish we didn’t act upon when temptation “was talking to us”, others weren’t so bad, kind of fun, really.

But, now that I’m older and wiser, my relationship with Papa is stronger.  So, when temptation “comes across” as extremely appealing, I take a moment.  I think.  Is what I’m about to do really worth it?  What do I have to gain?  What do I have to lose?  And, then I talk to Papa.  His strength is undeniably “the ticket” of restraint.

‘The Bible tells us that “sin shall no longer be your master” because of God’s loving grace to us through Jesus Christ.’

‘As we run to Jesus when temptation comes, he enables us to stand in His strength. Nothing we face in this life can overcome Him, because He has “overcome the world”.

Wow!  Definitely something to think about…

Love you oodles,


James 4:6 – 10     In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus.

“Lord Jesus, I give my will to You today.  Help me to stay close to You in every moment, and to love You be obeying You.”

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