‘The universe is astonishingly grand.  Right now the moon is spinning around us at nearly 2,300 miles an hour.  Our Earth is spinning around the sun at 66,000 miles an hour.  Our sun is one of 200 billion other stars and trillions more planets in our galaxy, and that galaxy is just one of 100 billion others hurtling through space.  Astounding!’

‘In comparison to this vast cosmos, our little Earth is no bigger than a pebble, and our individual lives no greater than a grain of sand.  Yet according to Scripture, the God of the galaxies attends to each microscopic one of us in intimate detail.  He saw us before we existed; He watches us as we go about our days and listens for our every thought.’

I just had to copy these words verbatim…it stuck with me, BIG time!

As small as we are, we are so connected with the universe.  Our dreams can really become a reality when we believe in this, that we can essentially get what we want…but! We have to do our part…listen to Him and pay attention to His signs and, follow along the path that is destined for us…so we can achieve our goals.

Isn’t it stinky when we conscientiously choose not to listen?  And, then God shows us that we should have, in some way or another?  Or, perhaps we don’t even notice what is presented right before our eyes (you know, the SIGNS).  And, it makes sense that we don’t always notice the signs…we get busy!  A lot of us have more than one job (this includes parenting) and, our days are filled with day-in, day-out routines (you know, running on the “hamster wheel”).

But, geez louise!  We have to make it a point to s l o w  d o w n…otherwise, we’re going to miss out on our calling…the majestic beauty, the love, the guidance…

You mean the world to me,



Let’s take time to rest.  We’re so worth it.  (and, this means with no electronics ;))


Psalm 139:1 – 18     You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar.

“Father God, Your eye is on me as much as it is on the stars in the sky.  Thank You for Your love, Your care, Your attention.”

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