Hello, there! No. I haven’t forgotten about our Daily Bread.

I’m back to work, as a teacher, a kindergarten teacher, so, as you know, or, as you can imagine, THERE’S A TON TO PREPARE.  So, game’s on!  I will be on early morning or during my lunch break to get out the Daily Bread (very much enjoy, btw :)), however.  🙂

Trust in me that as I take on this wild joyful road ahead, back in the classroom, I will be sure to stay diligent on my writing for  You all mean the world to me, and, hope to continue to ‘lift your spirit’, in more ways than one!

Furthermore!  My travel agent diploma will almost be awarded.  Yes.  I am only 15% away from completing the travel agent program at Ashworth College.  After studying and taking this assessment, I may just have earned my diploma!

Yes!  I look forward to building a community of people whom love to travel and would like some help making their dreams become a reality.  Educational group and international travel are my focus areas for my future as a successful travel agent, educational tour guide, destination expert.

Stay tuned!

Love you bunches,



Trailer to my personal premier coming soon!


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