Nine times out of ten ;P, we can honestly say that visiting face to face with friends and family always brings on joy.  So does skimming over social media and, occasionally “talking” live via instant messenger.  Agreed?  Now, take a minute, think and compare, and take note on how both modalities of communication touched your life in more ways than one…face to face or the latter?  Hmmm…

If you’re anything like me, we could both agree that when we’re physically present with our friends and family, most of our senses, if not all, are being exercised.  This results in euphoric responses!  Typing on the computer and skimming over photographs only awakens a couple of senses, if that!

Now, imagine that we can have a stronger relationship with God if we make ourselves present…hospitable, a good listener and, remain humble…making the time to  s l o w  down during our busy day-to-day-hustle-and-bustle-routine-machine…(said with love) kind of life.

So, let’s not get carried away…

We can’t completely engross ourselves in work and postpone or change plans.  It will leave us lop-sided, resulting in probable bucket-dipping into buckets of our loved ones. And, a commitment is a commitment.  Unless the reason warrants a change in plans, we must stay true to our word.

Living balanced means being in tune with the universe.

We ran into this family two times in two cities (sign!) within an hour of each other.  This was God talking to us saying, “Come on, already!  A playdate is long overdue!”  So…we had a playdate, and, everyone had a ball!

Then, our friends mentioned they were heading to the bowling alley for a birthday party the following day and, encouraged us to meet up (another sign!)  It must have been His way of saying they we need to make up for lost time!  😉

Point is, once we all start to understand, believe and jump on the “loyal train”, we’ll be sure to take all that is good that is coming our way as God’s way of showing us that he’s paying attention, and, these things are supposed to happen…not by coincidence (because there’s no such thing – it’s all math) Let whatever happen, happen, and, understand that it’s happening because we “asked” for it at one point or another.

Whom doesn’t like euphoria?  So!  Let’s make it a point to visit our peeps more often face to face…spiritually and physically.  O.k?!



Accept invitations as signs!  🙂  xoxo

Exodus 33:7 – 14     The Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend.

“Face to face!  O blissful moment!  Face to face – to see and know; face to face with my Redeemer, Jesus Christ who loves me so!”

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