Would you agree that everything that happens in our lives, happens for a specific purpose…to guide us along this ride called life, learning lessons along the way, growing in our wisdom and being role-models for others, even through the darkest of times. Because!  There is always light at the end of the tunnel.  You’ve heard that, right?  ;P

But, we all don’t stay on that “Disney” ride, you know the one, Space Mountain I think it’s called ;P.  Nope.  Some of us decide that “the ride” just isn’t for us.  We raise our hands to it, stomp off and miss out on pure bliss.  What a shame.

So, instead, some of us are missing out on euphoric opportunities that lie ahead and settle for things that we can control.  Isn’t that what we want? To control?  (having faith in the “unknown” freaks out people; they can’t let go) This makes me feel sad, as it probably does you. But, we do it.  We don’t test our limits.  We don’t always take risks. We don’t always dream big.

And, it’s probably because, to some of us, we look at those “unfortunate events” that spring up on us as being so terribly horrible, and then, we fixate on all of the negativity, frankly, “asking” for the sewage pipe to continue on longer before the fresh air can be breathed.  We miss out on having the “light” shine down on us much sooner, and, the energy stored during our “traveling” time is dark, rather than majestic beauty.  Again, what a shame.

We have a choice, don’t we?  Do we instead accept these “dark” times as His way of communicating to us that something beautiful is going to happen soon, even though we feel like we are going to pee our pants or eat our stomach?  We’re still on the “Disney ride”…we can trust it to get us to a safe landing.  We just have to keep on holding on, and, strive to always keep our hearts smiling.

Smiles sure are contagious.  Isn’t that what we want to spread?  Well, o.k., then.  It’s time to get off our worry wagons, and, take life as it comes.  It’s Papa communicating with us.

Will we…

  • be present and listen
  • reflect
  • make a change and/or keep on keeping on?  You better!  (speaking to myself, as well ;P)

Oodles and oodles of love,


1 Sam. 17:8, 32 – 37, 48 – 50     The Lord who rescued me from the pay of the lion and…the bear will rescue me.

“Lord, help me to hold on during the unpleasant times in my life knowing that You may be preparing me for something greater.”

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