Just like the ‘majestic’ sequoia, we need our roots to be deep in the spiritual world to grow big and strong.  Agreed?! They are massive, stand tall and can live for 3,000 years. You betcha they have a deep root system!  Same goes for us.  We, too, need a deep root system that soaks up the deliciousness that earth and beyond, provides.

Let’s deconstruct this for a minute, and, bring it to current relatable terms…How many times have we sinned?  Can we come up with a number?  No way!  Too many to count, and, WHO WOULD DO THAT, ANYWAY?!  :p

But, we’re here, smiling.  HoPeFulLy.  And, we’re smiling because we still have Papa on our side, regardless of how many times we’ve sinned.  When we hold on to this belief in everyday life, it strengthens our appreciation for all of the love He has for us.  Makes us more compassionate, loving, patient, kind.

Man, what if our roots weren’t deep enough to carry on the weight of our joyous victories, our achievements, our love?  That would probably be caused by “allowing” our faith to “come loose” from our souls, since we “took a detour” from the “golden road”, causing “our tree” to take a tumble.  That makes we feel sad.

Point is, we have to keep the faith.  We have to stay on “the wild joyful ride” for dear life to reap all of His rewards and deepen our root system.  It’s a no-brainer, don’t cha think?  And, because He answers prayers (hopefully all wishing for what we want, rather than the latter), the kind thing to do as a way of saying thank you is to show respect towards Papa.

He sure likes it when we speak with Him, are humble, hospitable and remain loyal to Him.

Me love you!


Luke 24:44 – 49     Then he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures.

“Father in heaven, please help us never forget that the history of Israel and the inspired words of Scripture ground us in seeing our need of Your Son.”

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