When in our lives we are experiencing strife or confusion, ‘walking in the way of love‘ is always the way to go…

~to seek love…

~forgive everyone…

~care for all of your loved ones (and, we care about all)

Basically, let’s live in ways that please Him.

Isn’t a delight to copy His actions, in the power of the Spirit, knowing that our reward is the affectionate, tender smile of a loving Father’?

There’s so much power and joy that results in having Papa smile.  That energy that is transferred, “delivered”, if you will, is intense and, sometimes results in massive “rewards”…other times, God shows his appreciation in a bunch of little ways…

FOR EXAMPLE:  Landing a job at a beautiful school that warms your heart each and every day.  This, to me, is massive.  Has that ever happened to you?  Or, something similar? Where you landed a job that felt right the moment you stepped foot on their property? Seriously.  When the Spirit is actively present at your place of work, then, that place is a keeper…open, honest, loving…you know, all the good stuff.  😉

Or, what about these little synchronicities

  • getting rock star parking
  • pulling out the exact change
  • having your total be $7.77, the digits of the total add up to 7 or  the sum of the digits was divisible by 7…I know.  Weird.
  • working with another beautiful team
  • spotting a shirt that you really like…it’s on clearance, next to nothing, it’s your size, and!, there’s only one!  throughout all of the relevant departments, even!

All of the things that come our way that result in laughter and love, then, let’s say “Hallelujah!” really loud.  And, we’ll keep on doing what we’re doing.  It’s a win, win,     sit U a TION.

Doesn’t Papa just love us so much?  And, He sure likes being able to let us “make trips to His treasure box”.  🙂

Here’s to being our authentic selves!  (the reapage is a bonus.  ;))





John 5: 17 – 20     The Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does.

“Jesus, thank You for showing us the way to the Father.  Help us to be more and more like You and the Father each day.”

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