These lovely ladies are call the Iguazu Falls, which fall (ha) on the border of Brazil and Argentina.  If you had to describe this picture, what words would come to mind?  What actions do you see in this photograph?  Write them down, please.

Wow.  I can only imagine the words that poured out of your mouth because that was what came to mind.  Yes!…because, they DO describe this picture.  Did you enjoy the feeling of writing those words?  Did that activity (lol) make your heart smile?

Well, folks.  That’s love, right thair, and, it’s yummy.  And, that’s Papa, ma an!  

The point that I’m trying to make is…thank goodness for nature, for love, for beauty…because, with these, we can get through our troubles, whether it’s physical, financial and/or relational problems, because of Papa’s mightiness, we are good!

Something to keep in mind…o.k.?

Just a couple of friendly reminders (speaking to myself, as well :))

  • positively thrive on all of the free energy that is available to us…
  • karma is real
  • Papa is forgiving.  He knows we make mistakes.  We’ll appreciate the lesson we learned (when Papa shows that He was disappointed), be humble and move the _____ forward.  That’s all.
  • concentrate on only the things that we can control; otherwise, let Papa take the reigns.  We just have to pay attention to the signs.

So, I look at these falls, and, I think of this analogy:

It’s majestic.  The water is traveling down at this speedy rate, crashing, then, aw…peace. Now, instead of the water pounding down, the water is gliding along…smooth sailing… Bliss. and peace…Until next time!  Repeat.  Repeat.  Let’s now replace the word water with my life/life, and, try to make sense of the analogy…how our lives are like a waterfall.

Hope you have a good rest of the day,



Love you, bunches.





Psalm 93     The Lord reigns, he is robed in majesty; the Lord is robed in majesty and armed with strength.

“Lord, I know that You are powerful and greater than any trouble that might come my way.  I trust You to carry me through.”

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