You know, I’ve always been that person in the background that has a lot to say, can voice my words in small groups, like one-on-one 😛 (I’m getting better), and, it bugged me at first, that I didn’t speak up amongst my peers (say, at faculty meetings), but now I’m o.k. with this.  See, as I elder, I grow more and more in my own shoes, sorta speak.  I’m more and more o.k with whom I am, whom I have become.  I do not have to speak out loud, unless I choose to (or, of course, that’s what my boss asks of me :P).  But, what really matters, is where our hearts lie.

God will give credit where credit is due.  Papa loves all of his children.  The quiet, the loud and everyone in between.  He WILL make it known that he appreciates our hospitality, faithfulness and love.

So, needn’t not worry, you fellow quiet ones.  If we’re set on staying quiet most of the time, let’s just practice saying out loud our prayers for others, in the comfort of our own privacy, and continue to keep our faith and our relationship thriving.  And, if it’s our goal to learn how to be more vocal in larger settings, perhaps we can do the following:

  • become a risk taker and try to speak out loud
  • remember that no one is judging, and, if they are, shame on them!  😉
  • become more social with people a little opposite you, as far as the “talking level” is concerned, in particular

‘When we give ourselves fully to the work of the Lord, we will find value and meaning in our service as it brings glory to God and draws others to Him’.

So.  Bottom line: Stay your beautiful self.  God loves all of us.

Here’s to reaping rewards, naturally!



Pleasant dreams.

Colossians 4:7 – 18     Let your light shine before others, that they may see  your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

“Lord, help me to obediently do my part in the role You have chosen for me.”

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