We’re all just trying to make it in this world.  We do the best we can.  Hope for the best. Learn our lessons.  Aim high.  Get lows.  But, keep on trekkin’.  Our hard work does pay off.  We WILL have an everlasting life.  Thank you to the Holy Spirit.

We oughta take a moment and think about what God has taught us.  To make it easy, or simpler, just take a moment and let’s think about all of our good qualities, or good character traits, our regular actions that make us, or others, smile.  These, my friend, are what God has taught us.  It is Papa that steers in the right direction of living a better life, the better version of ourselves…

Despite, our downfalls, our sins.  His hand never leaves our hand.  He walks beside us. He truly loves us.  His love is so precious and cherished day in and day out, because, boy oh, boy, sometimes I ask myself, do I really deserve forgiveness?  But, I do.  Because!  I do learn my lessons and apologize and, ask Him for forgiveness.  (you know, the whole being humble thing ;)).

I feel like God’s love has given me grace, confidence and determination.  Life isn’t always going to “unravel” the way that we have envisioned and truly felt in our heart of hearts was going to happen.  And, this is quite alright.  That’s just not the deck we have been dealt.

I then approach life confidently, knowing that this is just God’s way of reassuring me that what He has in store for me is something greater, something different.  Ah…

So, then, comes determination.  And, the “riding of the waves”.  I then feel determined to be the best version of myself, loving myself and everyone around me, KNOWING that Papa is watching, and, he’ll give credit where it is due.

Part of the fun in life is getting to experience all of YOUR life’s surprises.


Be merry!

And, love.



  • How have you experienced His faithfulness and love?
  • In what ways has the Lord’s love shaped your life?’

It’s not how far we’ve traveled in life, but what we’ve brought back that counts.’

Psalm 37:1 – 6, 23 – 27     I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread.

“Dear Lord, thank You for walking with me throughout my life.  Help me to remember Your faithfulness.”

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