Definitely a reason to always rejoice, for sure!  We are so lucky!

You know, I’ve been hearing the word authenticity a lot, recently.  Having the support of Our Very Own should help give us the confidence and the strength to.  be.  truly.  our. authentic.  selves.

Who cares if we flop when trying to tell the punch line?  Who cares if we laugh and sing out loud so several others that you don’t know very well can hear you, and, you don’t care that your singing isn’t the best?  Or, “you’re that person” and, when placing your order, you “create your own” meal, kinda deal?  lol

Whatever our quirks (a.k.a., lovely personality traits ;P), embrace them!  Let’s let others enjoy them.  And, if they don’t, well, so be it.

As long as our heart is in the right place, let’s be ourselves!  It’s extremely liberating, in every sense of the word, when we are ourselves and, we’re shining our light.  Letting people see that we are made up of “levels”, so to speak, meaning, we are not the persons whom always agree.  We do make mistakes.  We do not sacrifice our value system for acceptance or approval of others.  We are silly.  We are “OCD”.  We are weird individuals! And, so unique!

‘The Lord is our close and faithful companion throughout our entire life.  He will guide us in our deepest struggles, forgive our sin, hear each silent prayer, and shoulder the burdens we cannot bear.’

So, we’re in especially good shape if we do display authenticity day in and day out.  Love yourself, and others!

I must say, as the years have gone by, my authentic self has developed…slowly…but, steadily…

We sure all are works in progress…forever… 🙂



John 14:15 – 26     The Spirit of truth…lives with you and will be in you.

“Dear Lord, thank You for giving us Your Spirit as our constant companion.”

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