It sure makes me want to do the Happy Dance!  Knowing that Papa loves each and every one of us, and, especially so, if we live our days being authentic.  This is how Papa likes us the best.  Because it’s when we are that we channel the energy that passes along a zest for life and continuous shots of joy and fireworks to make it all happen.

Let’s imagine we all sought to only seek approval from ourselves.  Every time we walk out of the door we ought to be thinking to ourselves, “Wow!  I feel good!”  (I’m wearing what I’m wearing because it’s my style, etc…) And, “I’m wearing what I’m wearing because I feel confident and comfortable.”

Yes.  Sometimes we don’t always make the best choices and, the Universe responds (no getting off the hook ;P), making it very clear that we didn’t pass the test or that we didn’t listen in the first place…

Thank goodness for grace.

I think it’s when we reflect upon our actions/behaviors that we receive clarity.  I wanna say, 100% of the time, we can be held partially, if not more, accountable for the outcome of whatever the situation it was.

So, what makes us “stray”, anyway?  When the light is bright and warm, why dim?  Why darken?

Maybe it’s control.

Do you think it’s possible to get the same “thrill” and still have a bright light?




And, that, my friend, is what makes fireworks!

  • keep our hearts in the right place
  • be humbled and ask for forgiveness when necessary
  • smile

Hope this is reaching you well,



1 John 1:1 – 10     I have strayed like a lost sheep.  Seek your servant.

“Lord, I know I’m not even close to being perfect.  That’s why I need You and Your cleansing in my life.  I’m lost without You.”

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