It’s so awesome that we’re able to live in this Universe that provides so much for us, if we want it.  Just like everything we have, the houses, the cars, the clothes, etc., we ought to be so grateful…for this ‘direct access’ to what really heals.  This. is. our. ultimate. asset!

I’d say you’d have to be crazy NOT to utilize this “superpower” of ours.  It’s definitely a good reminder to ourselves when we’re not acting right, and we need a quick turnaround in our thinking so the outcome changes.

I know, for me, sometimes I do go to that “dark place” with my thinking.  I’m sometimes my worst enemy.  But, what gets me out of my rut is to get out of my own head and think about others and think about all of my blessings.  By doing so, it takes me away from where my mind was earlier.  I’ll then awaken my ‘happy hormones’!

What gets me through those trying times…

  • I talk out loud to God.  The shower, the car…they’re good go-to places for this.
  • put on good music
  • dance
  • clean something
  • read something
  • bake
  • cook
  • shop (be careful with this one ;P)

“Thank you for giving us the privilege to speak with you anytime and anywhere.  Kisses!”




I may begin writing The Daily Bread only on Sunday’s.  I would LOVE to give myself more time to read various texts, gather joyful information, and, share it all with you! Sound good?  Learning about literature, food, health and wellness, skincare, travel, etc. is always joyful, right?!


More to come, soon!  Check out my survey that I’m creating so I can tailor Lisa’s Daily Joy more to your liking and my soon-to-be giveaway!  I pray for more time in the day!  😛  (I’ll make it happen!)

Hebrews 12:18 – 24     You have come…to the church of the firstborn.

“Thank You, Father, for this wonderful privilege that Jesus has given us, to be able to come before You knowing we have been forgiven and cleansed by Christ’s blood.  May we never forget how big a sacrifice it took.”

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