Yeah, yeah, each generation has different experiences, resulting in us having different values, perhaps, and different opinions.  But!  One thing is for sure, ‘our spiritual connection is stronger than those differences’.  Having a strong spiritual connection ‘brings us together in mutual trust, encouragement, and praise‘.  Achem!  We need each other to make things happen!  

It’s too often that we place judgment on others if we believe in something different, such as politics, religion, raising children, etc..  But, what we really should be doing is embracing our differences and, look at these conversations or witnesses to actions as opportunities to learn from one another, and, say to ourselves, “Wow!  That’s cool.  I never knew that!”  Or…”That’s pretty cool that he/she is confident in their beliefs, and, I should honor and respect that.”

Everyone is entitled…afterall.

Don’t you think it’s hard enough to do YOU?  In this crazy world :P?  Why put so much of our energy trying to change one’s point of view or belief system?  When instead, we can intermingle, look at our diversity as an asset, rather than a liability, and, keep on trekkin’…knowing that what really matters is that we are spiritually connected, regardless.  And this, my friends, is.  Um!  AWE  SOmE…POW eR FuL!

Yes.  Let’s stand up for what we believe, but, let’s open our hearts to the joy, the love, the uniqueness of what everyone brings to the table.  Because when we do, instead of placing judgment, Papa smiles and wants to give us a big gust of love in return.

So what if you like or dislike President Trump?  ;P  So what if people do things differently than you?  So what if someone goes to church or doesn’t?  The most important thing is is that our HEARTS are in the right place…the “place” that shines, baby!

I love you,



Whew!  Irma has passed.  SO cool that everyone looked out for everyone.  That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

I’ll see you later for Mud Mask Monday!  🙂

Psalm 145:1 – 13     Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and your dominion endures through all generations.

“Lord, unite Your people from all generations to honor and praise You as we bear witness of Your love.”

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