This is good right here.  Coming straight from “Our Daily Bread”…read repeatedly, if needed…(like me :P).  It’s good to let it sink in…;)

‘In New Testament times, it was customary to hide valuables in the unlikely vessels of simple clay pots.  Paul describes how the treasure of the gospel is contained in the human frailty of followers of Christ: jars of clay.  He suggests that the meager – and even at times broken – vessels of our lives actually can reveal God’s power in contrast to our imperfections.’

This is a fancy way of saying that (as I take it) when we’re thinking about how some of the imperfections of our lives seem/appear to be working against us, it’s rather the opposite…Papa is presenting Himself to us, pushing us to demonstrate our strength despite any predicaments/ mishaps/ “unfortunates” in that in which we embark.

And, then, there’s this part…

‘When God inhabits the imperfect and broken pieces in our lives, the healing hope of His power is often more visible to others.  Yes, His repair work in our hearts often leaves the scars of cracks.  But perhaps those lives from our learning are the etchings in our beings that make His character more visible to others.’

Again, a fancy way of saying, “Thank you, God, for healing me when I was broken. Because of you, I am now stronger.  Add me to your long ass list of only-positive testimonies about Yourself so I can be read over and over, spreading hope and faith.”

You betcha bottom dolla!



2 Corinthians 4:7 – 18     We have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.

“Dear God, please show others Your power as I share the treasure of Your gospel in my broken, but beautiful life.”

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