I don’t know about you, but, what helps me stay humble is to think about what this one man endured…one of the most ultimate sacrifices of all time.  And, in the midst of his last moments, his heart was still “telling” him to act…asking God to forgive those responsible for his death.  He wanted to pass on his healing energy for the sake of everyone, even those responsible for his death.  That’s love right there…for the sake of others…despite

Now, let’s bring it to present-day terms…how can we connect our lives to the one Jesus lived?

Couldn’t we look beyond each other’s flaws or quirks or annoyances and, apply The Golden Rule…despite…wasn’t this Jesus’ rule of thumb?

I mean, we have the capability to choose how we react to situations that don’t always work in our favor.  For one, don’t you think it’s wise to accept what has happened and, focus on the solution, rather than spending countless minutes focusing our energy on the problem?  And, two, there’s only so much that we can control.

Would you agree?…That some of our best memories were made through spontaneous actions?  Either relationships were made or strengthened, or both…ah…that’s love, right there.

Hardships in our relationships, or little “bucks off the bull” are inevitable.  What matters is how we react when things just don’t. go. our. own. way.

I’d like to stay “lit”, if at all possible, but, we’re human so…

But, it’s the brighter way to live, don’tcha think?  The more luminescent, sparkly, heated way to live…Maybe our “lit candle head” can “light up” someone else’s, and, eventually, make one big fire that roars so loudly with love!

It’s like we can be little “warriors of love”…we shall not be defeated by those love-sucking varmints.  ;P May peace be with you.

You’re lighting my fire.  Am I, yours?



More good things are to come…it’s just that I’m an amateur with a lot of learning to do!  🙂





1 John 3:11 – 18     This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us.

“Father, we are so prone to look down on each other.  Please forgive us.  Give us the heart of love Your Son showed to us.”

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