If you’re anything like me (;P), then you have probably gone through your fair share of relationships that didn’t make it through the “finish line”.  Nope.  Instead, we experienced heartache, pain, confusion, isolation, frustration…:(

But, we pulled through, didn’t we?  And, we all know the cliche “Whatever doesn’t kill ya, only makes you stronger.”  Well, although I’m not a huge fan of cliches, they do serve a purpose to quickly get out the jest of our message, and…they do hold true

Cliche or no cliche, God has us experience these “tests” to lead us to a ‘place of great abundance.  Perhaps the more “tests we pass”, the faster we’ll get to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  ???

We can’t beat ourselves up, though, if we don’t always pass His tests…you know, those times that we fall into temptation or fall apart and go to a darker place.  We always have another chance to bounce back and create a better life for ourselves.  Papa loves purifying us as we evolve.  Thank Heaven’s for that!  🙂

Do you think resiliency is the key?…having the ability to bounce back regardless of how dark the situation may be?  My answer is a big fat YES!

Life gets tricky at times, so, we ought to give a big thank you to Mr. Universe ;P for providing us with the energy NEEDED to get through.  My two biggest “fall backs” for when I’m feeling blue and that do get me through are talking out loud to God and only putting my energy towards things that are in my control.  Otherwise, ride on Papa!  I’m in for Your wild ride!

Does this make sense?

‘As we go through testing, we can rely on God for strength and perseverance.  He is refining us through our toughest moments.’

Psalm 66:8 – 12     For you, God, tested us; you refined us like silver.

“Lord, I know that You allow me to go through trials so that I will be strengthened and purified.  Teach me to keep relying on You for Your strength to endure.”

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