I’ve never done this before!  You?!  Knowing this, does it make you want to give it a whirl?  It does me, for sure!

We could all use some clarity in our life.  You know, those times when making decisions and/or choices seem quite a bit difficult.  We think about the pros and cons…do we need it, what would make us the happiest, is this what Jesus would do?

In order to live a life filled with utmost fulfillment, satisfaction and love, we need Ours Truly.  Bottom line.  No getting around it.  And, for those that are just getting to know me, I’m spiritual.  Not religious.  For I believe that we are “electrical” beings, only trying our darnedest to “get struck” day in and day out with love.  And, that in order TO “get struck” it is an absolute MUST that we reciprocate that LOVE.

It’s very simple, in my opinion.

So, by praying out loud to see God’s face, we’re communicating with Him, which He loves.  The Universe is all about energy frequencies, right?  If it’s in our power to make things happen for ourselves and others, why not use it to our full advantage?  Up perk His ears when we initiate a conversation, when we acknowledge his presence and unconditional love He has for us.  He says “Yes!  You want to reap the gazillion rewards that I (God/Universe/Papa) can provide you!”

From Psalm 80:3, 7, 9… “Make your face shine on us, that we may be saved.”

Lord knows we need forgiveness…and, all of the time!

Papa is always forgiving.  It’s a matter of, do we “get back on the Happy train” regularly or do we “jump off” and deal?  (the latter is poopy) (excuse me…I have two young children and teach kindergarten.  ;))

‘It’s good to look away from our fears and search our Heavenly Father’s Face.  The best way to see God’s face is to look at the cross.  The cross is His “tell”‘.

There’s a ton of spunk in one granule (meaning, each of us)…let’s stay LIT!

Love you so much,



Don’t be a Nim Wit.

Psalm 80     Restore us, O God; make your face shine on us, that we may be saved.

‘Ask God to shine His face on you.  For further help in prayer, try praying this Psalm or others.’


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