Life sure is filled with ups, downs, topsy turvies, lefts and righties, ins and outs…sure is a whirl wind!  And, we sometimes have a hard time dealing with the fast-paced lives we live…

If only it could slow down; if only I made more money; if only I would have done this or done that, or, vice versa.  Well, we all know how dwelling on the past doesn’t get us anywhere.  It only stirs the pot, getting the water going at an even more rapid boil.  Maintaining a “simmer”, I think is the way to go.

We ought to know by now that Papa is there through thick and thin.  And, I believe that if we keep our faith on Him, the crazy stinky parts of our lives are just His way of “screaming” loudly to us, “Hang on with me!  The storm is almost over!  Soon you’ll see your rainbow, promise!”

This is a relief, or, should be.

We can trust that He’s ‘working out His purposes for a greater good’.  ‘In every circumstance, we can trust the wisdom of our faithful and loving God.’

To piggy back off of that…I also believe that Papa likes “playing games”.  This is what I call it.  Papa gives us little (or big) tests to see if we’ll falter.  He wants us to pass.  I believe that if we stay “riding His wave” then our rewards will be abundant in so many ways.  On the other hand, God will feel disappointed, yet He’ll forgive, but, this will then lead to less “reapage”.  😛

So, essentially, for what is it that we’ll ask?  Is this the essential question?!  😉

Something to think about…



John 11:21 – 35     Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.

“Father, You have carried me through hard circumstances before.  Thank You for teaching me to trust Your heart of love even when I don’t understand what You are doing in my life.”

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