On our knees, in the shower or the car, or somewhere in between, we’re certainly supposed to seek out a Higher Power when our lives represent ‘storms’, perhaps, the ‘perfect storm’.  And, we really ought to seek His guidance when we think it’s the perfect storm because with that, even, comes fear.  How can it be true?  Could it really be a fairytale?  What if the unknown turns out differently than what we believe?

This, I believe, is when we really need to be on our “A Game”…when we really ought to pour out our hearts to all things that light up our lives and, if they reciprocate the warmth, joy and acceptance, then, these are the relationships that need to stay “well-oiled”.

With obedience comes responsibility and, with obedience, comes paying attention to Papa…because He will respond…He will continuously present signs…to show us that we’re on the right track…or not.  Papa wants us on his “boat”, for sure.  He yearns for our presence, our humbleness, our persistence…despite the “storms”.

We have a choice to make, don’t we?  Do we take on these “storms” as if they are challenges?  Challenges that require us to get out of our comfort zone?  Challenges that make us feel uneasy?  Perhaps, insecure?  OR!  Do we take on the feeling of defeat and hopelessness?

Let’s not do the latter!  We’re stronger cookies than this!

‘God’s comforting presence’ provides us with safety and protection.

So, even when life isn’t going our way, we have on our “armor”…just maintain a good relationship with God, the Universe (however you want to call it), because this crazy energy is magical and, gosh darn ESSENTIAL (that is, if you seek clarity, strength, healing, …, …, …, …)

‘When fear causes hope to fade, flee to God, the refuge you can reach on your knees.’

“Father God, help me trust that You are bigger than any fear I have.”

‘Psalm 91     He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge.’

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