Perhaps what we can do for ourselves is to create a weekly schedule to ensure that we utilize our time, each and every day, to the fullest, reaping the rewards Papa has put right before our eyes!

This past Sunday at church, the pastor said that it is highly encouraged to do all four of the following regularly, and, what will come out of it is magnificent…we will feel more awakened and stronger.

Let’s do these!…

  1. meditate
  2. pray
  3. study (the Bible, or any reading material)
  4. fast

And, when we sit down to create our weekly schedule, to ensure we stay organized and get everything we need to get done on a daily basis, including meditation, time spent with spouse/partner and/or pet, exercise, gardening, Church, etc., our energy transfer to everyone and everything around us will be electric and positive…our “happy hormones” will be awakened!

There is so much that Papa has put before us, so, let’s pause, take in all the surrounding beauty, ignite our “flaming activities”, and nurture what really matters:  love, family, the Universe, food, shelter.

Everybody has their own style about sharing successes or their good news.  For me, through natural conversation and others’ observations, I’m able to “spread the Word”.  In other words, as long as our hearts are in the right place and we’re truly listening to what Papa has to say, we’ll be a testament to Magnificence that is before us.  That is!  If we act according to His Word (what we hear when we are meditating)  (could be done during our gardening time)

Bad analogy, and, I’m interpreting it another way right now…if you were out and about, and you saw an apple hanging from a tree, would you say, oh, that’s a nice apple, or would you pull off that apple and enjoy all of the JOy that it brings?  This is a no-brainer question, huh?

Same goes with our lives.  There’s so much beauty that surrounds us.  Let’s get organized.  Let’s create a weekly schedule that is filled with responsibilities, but balanced with Papa-engrossed activities.  Our “witnesses” will appreciate the examples and energies we are setting and passing on.  🙂

Have a wonderful day,




Check out a suggestion on how to pray under “Faith” in the Menu and, there is a write up on fasting under “Health and Wellness”…

“Creator God, thank You for Your great generosity in entrusting us to do Your work.  May I be alert to the opportunities to share Your good news.”

John 4:35 – 38 Open your eyes and look at the fields!  They are ripe for harvest.


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