When we humble ourselves, we gain a stronger feeling of independence, don’t you think?  It puts us in the “right state of mind” when we know that Papa appreciates it when we admit our wrongdoings.  He continues to love and support us with his super strength and wisdom, in which He will always continue to pass down to us.  This should continue to give us the confidence to be able to handle life’s day-to-day grind, surprising, unexpected events, challenging opportunities that come our way, because we have been FORGIVEN.

Some of us have a ton of support people around us, some don’t.  Either situation, the One and Only is the “common denominator” in the whole equation, allowing for the same inner, personal fulfillment, since He can lift our spirits, strengthen our minds and give us the independence we need to be successful.  We just have to take the time to “tune in” to Papa.  And, to reap the most “rewards”, we have to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit.  If not, we’ll “miss out” on our one and only chance to prosper and live our one and only life with specific purpose.

As we try to do our best to keep “our powerful three” going healthy and strong, our desires/goals don’t always match what we do.  We make mistakes.  We “cater” to our “yang self” and follow the dark side.  But, when we recognize these actions as not being the best choices, we get humbled and God is there to hold our hands to help us through.  Thank goodness.  We need his strength.

So, I think the bottom line is, let’s try for gold, but, let’s not beat up ourselves for not being perfect.  There is only one Perfect Being.  And, He’s (or She’s ;)) there for us, regardless.  Let’s genuinely apologize, surrender, and try to be better the “next time”.

We can do this!

‘We can’t choose the consequences of our sins or control people’s responses when we confess and seek forgiveness.  But the Lord can empower us to enjoy freedom from the bondage of sin and peace through confession, as He confirms that our guilt is gone-forever.’

Your friend,



Apologies for such a long period in between posts.  Things are starting to settle a little.  😉

“Lord, when we confess our sins and receive Your forgiveness, please help us believe our guilt is completely and forever wiped away.”

Psalm 32:1 – 11  I said, “I will confess my transgressions to the Lord.”  And you forgave the guilt of  my sin.

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