It sure is easy to get caught up in your own world…the demands we have put on us, just the day-to-day grind, and, the pressure put on ourselves to get OUR LIST taken care of?!  This only leaves us feeling exhausted.  So!  We prioritize.  We slow down.  And, we try to give ourselves a bit more grace and devote more of our energies towards the big picture…doing things that will help to establish or maintain a solid, healthy, overall well being.

Maybe if we make more time to do these:

  • pray
  • meditate
  • exercise
  • community involvement

Don’t you think this would create more peaceful selves and allow us to absorb more of what is around us, whom is around us, becoming more giving of ourselves, being more present, and providing the support that is needed when asked for help?  Not only would be gaining strength from Papa, but, we’ll also reap some pretty awesome rewards for strengthening our character.

‘When we “value others above (ourselves),” we demonstrate Christlike humility.’

‘Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit.’

After watching the video by Meghan Bernstain on Lisa’s Daily Joy, I became humbled a bit.  She says to focus our prayers and “requests for signs” from God to be for the greater good.  Yes.  We want God to provide for us.  We would love to have, this, this and this.  But, when we pray for wisdom and guidance to support us along our journey and God hears that we are truly on board with His plan (because it best suits everyone), then we’ll know our “next move”.  Do we need to spend a few extra minutes explaining our actions?  Do we take the time to go over more thoroughly a question that needed to be answered?  Do we make it a point to fine tune all of the details to make sure everything runs smoothly?…just to give some examples…

Our lists aren’t going away.  And, we have to trust that Papa will show us our way and what we ought to or ought not to be doing.  We’ll just take things/life as it comes, do our best to keep our sanity 😉 amidst it all, and give to others when “helping opportunities” arise.

Love you bunches,

Lisa xoxo

“Jesus, You gave us the model of humility when You left heaven’s splendors to become a humble servant on earth.  Help us practice Christlike humility in everything we do.”

Philippians 2:1 – 11     In humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests.

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