Ever have a difficult time making a decision?  Silly question, huh?  Of course you have!  We’ve all been there, on numerous occasions, too!  And, it can be as simple as what dinner we should have to as complex as to what career change we should make and, yada, yada, yada.  It can be really difficult sometimes!  Thank goodness we are not alone.  We do not have to think completely on our own, even though at times we may be physically alone.  Hallelujah to that!

At the most unexpected times, we get this “vision”, our “ah-ha!” moment comes, when everything seems to become crystal clear.  The signs are present.  We are feeling joyful and excited.  A huge feeling of relief rushes through us.  Because now we can move forward and feel confident in the choice we decide to make.

The confidence that comes when our Main Source of energy has presented itself is the ticket that we needed all along to taking the next step.  Now, comes the determination part of it all…and, do we have the perseverance?  Can we keep on trekkin’ when life throws us curve balls?…”Oh, crap!  I had to work later than expected…Now, I don’t have time to make that yummy soup I had planned.”  Or, “the company down-sized and, now I have to look for another job!”

We can have a “peas and carrots” relationship with our awesome Universe, if we want it.  When we decide to take life as it comes, try not to let ourselves get too stressed and, firmly believe that our “Carrot” is right there beside us, we can make it in this life and, do it well.

So grateful for the ‘abiding presence’ of the magnificent energy that surrounds us.





‘How can we increase our awareness of Papa’s presence?  Why is it vital for us to gain His perspective in what we’re facing?’

I’m going to expand on these questions soon in a future post.  Stay tuned.  😉

Matthew 14:13 – 21 “We have here only five loaves of bread and two fish,” they answered.

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