Uh, huh?!  We’ve all been there.  What we thought was going to work, didn’t; what we hoped to happen, didn’t.  It stinks.  It really stinks.  This is when our faith is tested.  Do we rely on it, and, take life as it comes? or, do we bitch and moan and pout and make poor choices?

Instead of looking at the big picture as a horrible most terrible thing in the world, look at it as a ‘whoa!’  What do you have planned for me, Papa?!!!  I’m going to trust in you, Mr.!”  Papa smiles when he hears this because this is His purpose in life…to influence us humans to spread LOVE.  With that, alone, everything beautiful resides ~

As we become more and more patient and tackle life with grace, those times in our lives when we hear the opposite response we so hoped to hear feels less as a large dagger wound and more like a rose thorn prick.

Thank you, Papa for pricking us!  For all Your “pricks”, you have kept us trekking on the the right track.  You want us to use our time wisely while we are here and to the fullest, and with purpose.  And, for this, A HUGE THANK YOU!

So what if plans changed?  So what if you didn’t get on homecoming court?  ;P  So what, so what, so what?!  It just wasn’t in the cards.  Instead, let us stir up feelings of excitement and nervousness and, let them get the better of us, knowing that what is in store is being conducted by the One and Only, a.k.a. Energy, a.k.a. God, a.k.a. Higher Power……………

Ahhhhh…this should certainly take a little bit off of the load.  You know, one less thing to worry about…

Darn!  O.k.  Plan B. (trust)

Plan C. (trust)

Plan Z. (trust)


In other words, take life as it comes.  Love yourself.  Keep up the thinkin’ and act according to how life unfolds, doing only what is in the best interest of yourself and others.

Love you,



‘How do you feel when you’re not chosen or are left out?  How could your attitude be hindering you from seeing God’s direction for your life?’

“Father, as long as I can serve in Your kingdom, it doesn’t matter how or where.”

Acts 1:15 – 26 Then they cast lots, and the lot fell to Matthias.

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