Some people shun, or run, when they hear the word Jesus.  They don’t “want to be bothered.”, or, “I’m not religious.”  Whatever their response may be, understand they have a right to speak freely, but, unfortunately, that’s not the reason we even say aloud His name.  Instead, the real reason is to help us keep everything in perspective.  The fact that He, too, was a human JUST LIKE US, should give us the comfort that He, too, understands what we are going through and, EMPATHIZES.  He is RELATABLE.  And, look at what kind of man He is…one whom epitomizes LOVE, GRATITUDE, ORDER, PATIENCE, UNSELFISHNESS, and, on and on and on.  We are forever grateful for “our village”, but, for those of us that don’t really have a village, Papa is there for these guys, as well!  So, Jesus gives us our needed visual of a Universal Role Model a.k.a. Hero that is there for us through and through.

But, maybe, just maybe, “your party” doesn’t  want to hear the word Jesus.  Perhaps, we can explain our beliefs and thoughts in a scientific manner (;)), using the words “energy”, or, perhaps, include the vocabulary “manifestation” or “steady” will help to keep us grounded and focused on the results we receive when decisions have been made…are our choices reaping healthy and happy rewards or…bringing upon sorrow, angst and/or confusion?

Both are going to happen.  No doubt about it.  That’s life.  On one roller coaster.  On to the next.  Each hour, each month, each year, each season, all just a bit different throughout.  But, all coasters are common in two ways…they go up and down from start to finish.

So, we really need help to get us through our lowest times.  Please let this beautifully magnificent Universe work to our favor.  Let us keep the flow and put out what we would like to happen in our lives through praying aloud what you WANT, giving love, keeping order and having patience.

‘What can you “invest” in God today – including your time, talents, or treasure?  How have you experienced joy in your relationship with Jesus?’

‘Living for God is a worthy investment.’

It just is!


Your friend,


Mark 10:17 – 31 We have left everything to follow you!

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